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The Starter League is an immersive, beginner-friendly school in Chicago. We've taught lawyers, baristas, nurses, and people from all walks of life how to code, design, and build web applications.

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If you take the leap, we'd love to be your guide. We're taking applications for our Winter 2015 classes.

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  • Claire Lew

    Claire Lew

    She wanted to improve the feedback process in small to-mid-sized companies, but didn't have the technical skills to make her idea real. During the Web Development class, she built her prototype and now is the CEO of Know Your Company, a product started by Basecamp.

  • Erinn Barr

    Erinn Barr

    She wanted to change her future career options, so she quit her job and joined Starter School. 9 months later, she is the founder of Make Her Smile, a service that helps customers select great gifts for people they care about.

  • Chance Griffin

    Chance Griffin

    Sick of making training presentations, Chance came from North Carolina in search of a set of skills that would prepare him for the rest of his life. After Starter School, Chance is back in North Carolina as a professional software developer.

  • John Meyers

    John Meyers

    Working as a customer sales rep at a Chicago logistics company, John wanted a change. By the end of Starter School, he had built two applications and started working on freelance projects. Now he is a User Interface designer at the Chicago-based startup, Nextpoint.

  • Abby Raskin

    Abby Raskin

    After working with the Hurricane Sandy relief effort, Abby moved from New York to Chicago in search of a new career. Using her newfound development and design skills, Abby was able to land a job as a UX consultant at Solstice Mobile.

  • Kendra Olvany

    Kendra Olvany

    Coming to The Starter League gave Kendra the chance to solve a problem she cared about. She is now a co-founder of The Licorice Project, a startup focused on changing the breast cancer experience for patients, survivors, and everyone who supports them.

  • Katie Astrauskas

    Katie Astrauskas

    A theatre major in college, Katie experienced many problems with auditions. While at Starter School, Katie built CastMate, a service that makes the casting & audition process more efficient. She now works as a software developer at LaunchPad Lab, a Starter League alumni company.

  • Garrett Martin

    Garrett Martin

    Last summer, he was a college dropout in search of programming bootcamps to attend. Garrett found Starter School and flew from New York to learn how to build web apps. Now he works in Chicago as a software engineer at Hard Hat Hub.

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Everyone should have the opportunity to transform themselves. We also teach students at primary schools, universities, and graduate schools how to code and build web applications.

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