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We teach beginners how to build web apps
that solve practical real-world problems

Starter School is our full-time program

Starter School is a nine-month program where you’ll learn everything you need to
build the back-end, design the front-end, and bring your product to market.

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We’ve partnered with Basecamp

We’re working with Basecamp to train and empower aspiring problem solvers.

Over the past decade, they’ve taught thousands how to build successful web applications.

Joining their expertise with our immersive training creates a perfect storm for starter education.

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World Class

The Starter League Location
“If flying 8,167 miles across the world (yes, I checked my Expedia ticket) to pursue a passion isn’t hungry, foolish and crazy, then I don’t know what is.”

Luis Vega, Manila, Philippines

“The challenge with online tutorials for me was that I couldn’t ask for further explanation from someone with more knowledge than myself to explain something. If I don’t understand a principle about what we are learning I can simply ask for it to be explained.”

Matt Duff, Provo, Utah

“There were students here at 9:30 last Friday working. Have a question? 35 people probably want to help you figure it out. Can’t say it enough, it’s awesome.”

Geoff Massanek, Raleigh, North Carolina

Work in the best space

What we stand for

Meet your mentors

Hands-on Mentorship

Entrepreneurs, developers and designers are volunteering their time to mentor you. Learning requires support, and thanks to our mentors, everyone in The Starter League can pair with a mentor from a passionate community of industry professionals and Starter League alumni.

The wealth of knowledge and experience from our mentors is vast. Outside of our dedicated mentors who meet with students individually, we have at-large mentors and alumni who assist our students in entrepreneurship, law, and many other domains.

The leadership team

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