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Advanced HTML & CSS

Take your HTML & CSS skills to the next level in 11 weeks.

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Level up your front-end development skills.

If you've got basic HTML & CSS skills and are interested in building out your own website or pursuing a career in front-end development, this is the program for you. You’ll learn advanced HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to design and code interactive websites. All the while, building out a portfolio to help you fulfill your career goals.

Learn how to:

  • write eloquent HTML, CSS and JavaScript
  • create animations, transitions and transforms using CSS & JavaScript
  • implement HTML5 video and other optimizations
  • optimize your site for mobile devices with responsive design
  • use Sass to write more efficient CSS
  • create client-side interactions with jQuery
  • use Github to collaborate with developers
  • deploy to Heroku and setup custom domains
  • adopt best practices and streamline your workflow

Preparation and Prerequisities

  • Have you built a static website from scratch?
  • Are you comfortable with programming in a text editor?
  • Do you know how to structure your site using HTML & CSS?
  • Do you have experience implementing audio, video and images?

If you don't feel comfortable with these but still want to learn HTML & CSS, check out our Beginner HTML & CSS class.

Meet Roneesh Vashisht, your instructor

Roneesh Vashisht

Roneesh is a maker both on and off the web. He’s a web developer and formerly a mechanical engineer. He’s worked on shop floors, R&D labs, hacker spaces, startup accelerators and giant corporate behemoths. When he’s not developing, he’s usually making people laugh as an actor and improviser.




Advanced HTML & CSS tuition is $2,000. When you're accepted, a $250 deposit is due within 5 business days to secure your seat. The remaining tuition is due by or before the first day of class.

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