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Beginner HTML & CSS

In 11 weeks, you’ll learn how to take an idea and turn it into a website.

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Transform into a builder

You don’t need prior coding experience to take Beginner HTML & CSS. We actually expect it! HTML and CSS are a great place to start because they're the two dominant languages of the web and the skeleton of all websites. If you're proficient with HTML and CSS, then you'll understand how other sites are made and you'll be able to build sites of your own.

In 11 weeks, you’ll be able to take a design and translate it into HTML and CSS for the web. You'll learn how to customize your site with fonts, images, audio, video and get it online.

Learn how to:

  • write HTML and CSS
  • add links, images, audio and video
  • position elements on a web page
  • style content and modify background colors
  • create forms to gather user input
  • deploy your site to the web
  • write code using the Sublime text editor
  • layout elements on a page
  • use Github to store and retrieve code
  • work with the Bootstrap framework

If you already know how to everything on this list, then level-up with our Advanced HTML & CSS class.

Build sites like these

In just three months, you will get the HTML & CSS skills to build websites like these Starter League graduates.

  • Maddie & Billy's Wedding Site
    Billy Kalb's Wedding site. Billy used what he learned in HTML & CSS class to create a website for his upcoming wedding. He made it a responsive, mobile-friendly site and added a live RSVP form for guests.
  • MyBallot
    MyBallot. A group of HTML & CSS and Web Development students joined forces to create MyBallot. Their app educates Chicago voters on State and Federal candidates, so that they can make informed decisions.

Meet Fahad Sami, your instructor

Fahad Sami

Fahad enjoys teaching as much as he loves making. He teaches programming and computer refurbishment at Evanston Township High school through the Youth Technology Corps. Currenty, he's a Full Stack Engineer at Rand McNally building map based applications for teachers. In his free time, he enjoys tutoring students, winning on the basketball court and programming arduinos for his hydroponic farm.




Beginner HTML & CSS tuition is $2,000. When you're accepted, a $250 deposit is due within 5 business days to secure your seat. The remaining tuition is due by or before the first day of class.

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