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Visual Design

Craft web applications that are beautiful, helpful, and clear. Discover the powerful combination of fine typography and excellent copywriting.

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  • $2,000

What is Visual Design?

Design isn't just what apps and websites look like, it's how they work. Through paper sketches and interactive prototypes, we're able to craft designs that solve problems and communicate effectively. In this class, you'll learn design processes used to create world class apps and websites.

What will I be designing?

You'll be designing screens for Mobile Apps, Web Apps, and Marketing Sites. You'll use professional techniques to take these designs from paper sketches to interactive prototypes to final design.


What you’ll learn

  • How to apply graphic design principles to apps and websites
  • How to give and accept constructive feedback
  • How to keep iterating, and not settle on your first idea
  • Make complicated interfaces appear simple
  • Prototyping tools such as Framer Studio

Good design happens when your app is intuitive, usable and solves a problem. After 11 weeks, you will be able to articulate why something is well designed and use these same principles in your own work.

Jamie Dihiansan, Visual Design instructor

Jamie Dihiansan

Jamie designs Android apps at Basecamp. Before that he's designed everything from book covers, marketing websites, newsletters, and logos for 37signals. He's been designing for print and screen for over 15 years. Prior to Basecamp, he was an Art Director at Crate and Barrel and a Senior Designer at Organic where he worked on commerce websites for Target and FTD.




Visual Design is a part-time, 11-week evening program. Class meets once a week, and students are expected to dedicate 5-7 hours of work weekly.

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