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Starter Workshop

In one evening, code a website from scratch.

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Code a website from scratch

You've been thinking about building your own website but it's hard getting started on your own. Now's your chance. In one night, we'll teach you how how to build a website from scratch. Here's what you'll learn:

  • HTML


    The fundamental language of the web.

  • CSS


    The language that gives "style" to your HTML.

  • Github


    A place to store your code and see your website.

  • Sublime


    A powerful text editor where you'll write code.

No experience needed

You don't need prior programing experience to take this workshop. You just need a computer that can connect to the internet and a desire to learn how to code. We've taught over 1,300 people how to code since 2011. Most of our students had never written a line of code before they took one of our classes. We've learned a lot about how to teach beginners, and we want to help you next.

Learn what you need to know

We want you to walk away from this workshop inspired and excited. Your brain won't be filled with computer science theory, keyboard shortcuts, or technical jargon. Instead, you'll gain the right knowledge to build a website from scratch and we'll make sure you have fun doing it.

Hands-on learning

Learning how to code on your own is hard. That's one of the reasons why The Starter League came to be. Online resources are helpful if you know what to ask. But as a beginner, you don't know what you don't know. We'll be your guardrails so that you can stay on the right path to learning. Our instructor and teaching assistants will be hands-on with you every step of the way.

Meet Kevin Musiorski and John Meyers, your instructors

Kevin Musiorski

Kevin (aka Rudy on Rails) aims to please, whether it's his peers, his clients, or his students. He's spent 100,000+ hours on computers - using them, fixing them, and programming them. Kevin is a full-time instructor at ChiTech Academy High School where he teaches Git, HTML, CSS, Ruby, and Rails. He teaches for Northwestern University's Center for Talent Development and tutors part-time. In his free time, Kevin does CrossFit, watches Shameless, plays dodgeball, and enjoys IPA's with friends.

John Meyers

John found the Starter League in 2013 while trying to teach himself how to code outside of his sales job. He was part of the first Starter School class and since then, has done interface design for Event Up and Nextpoint. When he's not coding, you can find him exploring Chicago or playing the banjo.

Recommended reading before the workshop

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Unleash your passion for learning

Learning how to code should be a fun learning experience. Join our workshop and you'll uncover a hidden passion for learning.

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