Our UX instructor will be taking a break for Summer Quarter. Sign up here to get notified when we’re offering it again.

Our Visual Design instructor will be taking a break for Summer Quarter. Sign up here to get notified when we’re offering it again.
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Mig Reyes
Mig Reyes
Visual Design Instructor

Mig spends his days as designer at 37signals, where he focuses on crafting clear, beautiful websites for the company. By night, he writes, teaches, mentors, and organizes events for the Chicago design community. Prior to 37signals, he cut his teeth as an interactive designer for Threadless. More than anything, he’s focused on helping good people make good things.

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Commitment and Tuition
Visual Design is a part-time, 11-week evening program. Class meets once a week, and students are expected to dedicate 10 to 20 hours of work weekly. Tuition is $2000.

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“What makes Mig special is that he knows that visual design is as much about the word as it is about the picture. Very few designers I’ve met are equally skilled in both. Mig is one of those designers.“
–Jason Fried, 37signals

“Second only to his skill and talent as a designer and developer is Mig’s passion for sharing the knowledge he’s accumulated throughout his career. Coupling a visual design foundation rooted in the classic with modern executions will make for an exciting class.“
–Sean Donohue, Threadless

Visual Design
Visual design isn’t just what the web looks like, it’s what the web feels like. Through careful considerations in the pairing of words and images, we’re able to evoke certain emotions within our web apps and sites. In this class, you’ll study the marriage of functionality with beauty as you dive into the foundations of graphic design.

What Will I Be Able to Design?
You’ll become immersed and intensely focused in the principles of writing and graphic design to craft more beautiful, helpful, and clear web apps and websites.

What You’ll Learn
Topics we plan to cover include:

Principles of graphic design
Fundamentals of typography
Foundations in layout, color, and iconography
Empathy in design
Writing clear web copy
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