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The Starter League
Learn how to code, design, & ship web apps.
Rails for Designers
Web Development
UX Design
Beginner HTML & CSS
Advanced HTML & CSS
How often are classes offered?
The Starter League programs are offered four quarters a year. Winter quarter begins in January, followed by Spring quarter in April, Summer quarter in July and Fall quarter in October. Each quarter is 10 to 11 weeks depending on which courses you take.

Does The Starter League offer financing?
The Starter League requests your full moral and financial support on acceptance. Since we’re not accredited we’re not eligible for public grants or student loans. Our students have found many ways to finance their tuition, however. Personal loans/donations, campaigns on sites such as or, and convincing companies to sponsor them.

How are foreign students able to attend The Starter League?
Since The Starter League classes last 10 to 11-weeks most of our foreign students have visitor visas within the US for at least 90 days. This allows them enough time to visit Chicago and attend The Starter League.

Can you do both Development and Design courses?
Yes. However, we don’t encourage students to take on more than they can allocate time for. Both classes are intensive and we’d rather you focus on one or the other.

What’s the average time commitment outside class?
We leave this up to each student to decide, but if you want to get the most out of your The Starter League experience, you’ll find that spending 15-20 hours per week outside of class working on projects, attending community events, researching new technologies, and working with others will make a profound difference. We provide access to our space for you to work out of 24/7 (that is whenever our other classes aren’t in session).

How are housing accommodations in Chicago?
We have a private listserv for incoming Starter League students to communicate with each other and figure out housing accommodations. Our students have been able to find apartments using Craigslist and Some students have even been able to stay together during their time at The Starter League as well. Rent typically ranges from $550-$900 month.

How does Demo Day work?
There’s a growing opportunity for you to dig deeper into thinking about your ideas and how they’re built. As a Starter League student you have the opportunity to really open and share your ideas. Together as a group of passionate problem-solvers you each can spend the quarter building an application together for Demo Day, where you present what you’ve built in collaboration with fellow students.

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