The Starter League

Learn how to code, design, & ship web apps.
Raghu BetinaJeff Cohen
Jeff Cohen & Raghu Betina
Web Development Co-Instructors

Meet Jeff Cohen and Raghu Betina. Jeff is a seasoned Ruby on Rails developers with a passion for making software development accessible to everyone. Raghu, a serial entrepreneur, and a Starter League member himself, empowers beginners to experience the joy of learning software development for the first time.

Winter Quarter Schedule
January 7th – March 23rd
Student Orientation – January 7th
Mondays, Wednesdays, & Fridays
AM Class: 8:00am – 11:20am
PM Class: 1:30pm – 4:50pm
Tuition: $8,000
Deadline to apply is December 2nd

“I joined knowing nothing about Rails, but Jeff and Raghu have created an amazing program where I can now build an app in a weekend.“
– Orr Ben-Zvy

“Jeff and Raghu are two of The Starter League’s greatest assets. They have a unique ability to translate complex technical jargon from Alien to English, and their patience and passion for teaching beginners helped make learning Ruby/Rails manageable and enjoyable for me.“
– Laura Stude

“Jeff and Raghu helped transform the way I think about Ruby. They de-mystified object-oriented programming.“
– Ben Downey

Web Development Workshops
Benefit from hands-on instruction outside of class from local practitioner and leading software development company DevMynd.

Web App Development
Got an idea for a great web app that you wish you could build yourself? The Web App Development program is an 11-week, beginner-focused program to turn your ideas into live, functioning prototypes. If you have passion, persistence, and are familiar with the basics of how to use a computer, join us and learn to build your own ideas.

We provide the best, non-intimidating, beginner-friendly environment, geared for first-time aspiring developers. We welcome everyone, from all walks of life.

What Will I Be Able to Build?
A database-backed, dynamic web application with Ruby on Rails, suitable as a MVP (minimum viable product) of your idea.

Scott Weisman
“I knew there had to be a better tool out there. I couldn’t find it, so I built it myself.”
Here are some examples of what you could build in this three month program:

Create an e-commerce site
Create a custom Content Management System
Build your own blog
Cultivate a portfolio of projects that represent your progress as an application developer
What Will I Learn?
No theory, just practical, hands-on knowledge. Take a beginner’s approach to learning the core of Ruby on Rails. Learn to use all of the modern tools of the trade along the way.

The Ruby on Rails Web Application Framework. The best way to build database-backed, web applications.
Domain Modeling. The art and science of robust application design.
Javascript and AJAX. We will learn the fundamentals of Javascript and asynchronous HTTP, using jQuery and CoffeeScript.
HTTP and “RESTful” Design. We unpack the mysteries of how the internet works, and build Rails apps based on solid principles of software architecture.
Consuming and Producing APIs. Mash up existing data (Twitter, Facebook, Google maps, and more) into your app. Expose an API so that others can mashup your resources into theirs.
Agile Software Development. Adapt to change and minimize costs by leveraging agile theory and practices.
Why Ruby on Rails?
Ruby on Rails is the best way for beginners to learn how to build their own web applications; Rails has all the power, agility, and robustness needed to power the top websites on the planet.

Ruby on Rails is the software language and framework of choice from small startups to large enterprises. 37signals, Groupon, Twitter and Shopify are just a few of the companies that rely on Ruby on Rails to deliver meaningful products. Web applications allow you to iterate faster and reach users globally. There are few limits to the reach of a web browser.

Open Source
Ruby on Rails is an open source language, free for anyone to develop with. By nature open source is a growing ecosystem of developers dedicated to sharing their code, their software, and their learnings. Support other projects, share your own, or learn from others.

The Ruby on Rails community is vast. It remains close knit across states, nations and countries. As the community grows, its reach and support grow with it. Join the movement of developers rethinking software, the web and what it means to build collaboratively.

Join The Starter League.
Make a dent in the universe.